Localization Services

♦ Multi-lingual Desktop Publishing, including creative design accordance with all markets and regions.
♦ Translation preparation, post-processing, editing, QA, and finalization for many complex data formats, such as:
– Documentations(all formats used for training, marketing, education, publishing)
– Printed Content •
– E-learning •
– Websites
– Multimedia (Video/Audio and Caption Synchronization)
♦ Multi-language pair translation database maintenance and content management.

Translation Services Into Vietnamese

♦ All type of contents translation, from general to specialized materials
♦ Professional translation and revision
♦ Linguistic proof-reading and review
♦ Post editing after machine translation

Voice-over Production

♦ Professional/simple studio recording in Vietnamese
♦ Transcription service for Vietnamese
♦ Editing post production if required

Product Testing & Quality Assurance

♦ Cross platform testing (OS, Browsers, Devices)
♦ Funtional testing (Automation oriented)
♦ Linguistic testing (UI recording and Technical support)

Creative Design

♦ Branding design
♦ Interior design
♦ Illustrations/Digital drawings

Why we are different

We offer a wide range of localization services including: documents localization, software localization, app localization, website localization, marketing localization, game localization, subtitling, voice-over…


We CARE about your requirement and your brilliant global improvement by using our products

We ASSIST you in meeting the demands of an ever-expanding global marketplace

We COOPERATE to keep all resources operating at maximum efficiency for best quality

We BUILD a great environment locally with best flexibility and productivity

Along with our experience and coherent workflow, updated with the latest tools, we are committed to the quality of our services, while supporting our customers to perfect their own products.
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